But it rained !!!

News has a way of being something uninteresting on television until you see it being created. Today has put a lot of things suddenly into perspective. Those visuals on tv which showed people knee deep in murky waters never really meant so much, till i was one of those souls. Watching a place you frequent turn into a picture of a holocaust is pretty disturbing indeed. Kolkata stands flooded today, the football fields invisible under a blanket of water, the busy roads now just lanes of the muddy river, the population holding their pants, saris, dhotis just clear of the water mark. But Kolkata does not stand broken.
Mumbai stands blasted today. The roofs of stations like virar blown to bits, thousands dead, many more injured, the signs on the local station platforms no longer showing where the bogie for women or the first class bogie will arrive. But Mumbai is far from being stunned. The people still know exactly where their bogie will come.
Be it natural or otherwise, tragedies will never have a life stopping impact on the life of a city, town or village. The spirit of those perished becomes one with that of nature. And what is a city's spirit? The people.
I am proud to be an Indian. Proud to be a speck in this great big population of ours.
We will always bounce back. No terrorist from across the border can ever intimidate us. No force of nature can ever hurt what we value the most, our land, our peoples, our civilization.

Well does life get any better
More yesterday than today
How I thought the sun would shine tomorrow
But it rained . . .


Shine on you crazy diamond

Hello people. I dont want to get into what took me so long to get back at blogging. But this is something which is close to me. And this truly feels like home. I'M BACK BABY !!!!

Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day
You fritter and waste the hours in an off hand way
Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town
Waiting for someone or something to show you the way.

Tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain
You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today
And then one day you find ten years have got behind you
No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.

Home, home again
I like to be here when I can
And when I come home cold and tired
Its good to warm my bones beside the fire
Far away across the field
The tolling of the iron bell
Calls the faithful to their knees
To hear the softly spoken magic spells.

You were a genius. We will always love you.


Goodbye, Blue Sky

This is going to be my last post from the hostel. Tomorrow i step out of the zoo and into the jungle, and leave behind this protected environment.
Goodbye class, goodbye juniors, goodbye udupi, goodbye mohanty, goodbye madhuban, goodbye campus 3, goodbye canteen, goodbye landmark, goodbye atmaram, goodbye auto wallahs, goodbye dhamana, goodbye market building, goodbye hostel, goodbye rr, goodbye "i'm so haffy", goodbye lab, goodbye masters, goodbye lan, goodbye new folder$, goodbye radioaktiv, goodbye S complex, goodbye friends, goodbye sai audio, goodbye mess, goodbye butter biscuit, goodbye aoe, goodbye room, its gonna be very difficult saying goodbye.

The flames are all long gone, but the pain lingers on....


They've got the cool shoeshine

Ok before i begin, just wanna say that i have never considered myself to be a poet, but a lyricist.
Also, people reading this...the following lyrics are to be sung to the tune of 19-2000, a song by Gorillaz. If u haven't heard it, then this post won't make much meaning.
Here goes:

there's a jainzy in the jungle
rusting to the ground
look for me in the shower
and i'm nowhere to be found (oh yeah)
and All the following people
you're the ones i'll never lose
if you ever want a shoulder
its just jaani u can choose
(Oh yeah)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)

there's a padia in the jungle
an alien from afar,
u'll find him with a sutta
and legs stretched at a bar (oh yeah)
and if u want him with u
gotta get a can of booze
ET, Indianrailway
its just pado u can choose
(Oh yeah)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)

there's a sidisis in the jungle
sitting in his f1 car
ferrari is his passion
he's a schumacher avatar (oh yeah)
he does not have hangovers
nor monday morning blues
and if u wanna whistle
its just sidisis u can choose
(Oh yeah)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)

there's an amrita in the jungle
shez hanging from a branch
one day she'll be a cowgirl
with a pony and a ranch (oh yeah)
and if u wanna have fun
or discuss life's issues
if u wanna go to puri
its just moti u can choose
(Oh yeah)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)

there's an aloo in the jungle
listening to a nursery rhyme
drop sachin from team india
and boy is that a heinous crime (oh yeah)
and if u wanna love somebody
then step into my shoes
love him as i love him
its just aloo u can choose
(Oh yeah)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)

there's a gitsy in the jungle
she did not think this through
we all are of one notion
shez too good to be true (oh yeah)
every mall she shops around in
every paper that she screws
if its fashion tips that u need
its just gitsy u can choose
(Oh yeah)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)

there's a rohit in the jungle
with his brain in hyperdrive
take away his cellphone
and he wont make it alive (oh yeah)
got a t-shirt in his closet
with no respect for whose
and if u ever want a soulmate
its just rohit u can choose
(Oh yeah)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)

here i go
Got the cool (la, la, la, la, la, la)
They've Got the cool shoeshine (la, la, la, la, la)
Got the cool (la, la, la, la, la, la)
They've Got the cool shoeshine (la, la, la, la, la)...........


Live and Let Die !!!

My dear friend Atul (swamy)...this goes out to you.

Just heard a few very good songs...I'm sure you must have heard them too. This new guy on the block, Himesh Reshammia, is he great or what. Nice catchy tunes, very very danceable. No wonder all of India is enjoying it. Its such a nice change from the boring drab songs we generally associate the Hindi film industry with. And if you want proof, just tune in to any radio station, any music channel, any cell phone ringing...and you'll know why he's such a great musician.
All those who agree with me on this, please never read my blog again. And don't talk to me either.
Those who're going HA HA HA... (Even mildly smiling for that matter)....you're the reason I write.
Those who were going Maan what the hell is this guy writing...I LOVE YOU.
And those who're now thinking what the hell...who does this guy think he is?? Who appointed him the country critic?? I've got just 2 words for you...KISS MY A**!!!

In real life i am a very brash person...very out there. I do speak my mind out regarding things I dislike and it surely involves a lot of middle finger showing. Lots of arguing with people. I also am very vocal about people…but not to their faces yet. But my online avatar has tried to keep it mellow. Therefore I hope that this particular post will not be read by many, especially not those about whom this is written, cuz today I’m about to break all chains and come through clean.

I consider myself to be really lucky to be born in a family with music in my genes. Ask dad sometime to give his rendition of “Yeh raat yeh chaandni phir kaahaaan....Sun ja dil ki Daastaaan". I grew up in an environment of some very good music thanks to bhai and didi. Just think that it was the early nineties. And the rages were wham! and Michael jackson. We had that huge poster of George Michael (didi's), Madonna Who's That Girl poster, Charlie Chaplin in The Kid, Michael jackson's Bad and Clint Eastwood from Good Bad and Ugly (all bhai's). Some of my favourite tunes were Father Figure, Papa Don't Preach. One of the most haunting tunes of this phase of my life was "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman. I just loved the tone, the music, the feel of this song. There were some catchy numbers in the bollywood genre...with HUM topping the list for me. Jumma Chumma dede somehow made it as a thumping good song without being cheap. It was really decently packaged…and I certainly had the hots for Kimi Katkar in the Red Dress. Or that may just be my interpretation.

Cut to hostel. There is a great divide here which I hope will never be bridged. You may be familiar with this, but it’s the age old problem of English Vs Hindi. Given below are a few things which will make the situation a little clear.
Things that i have heard in this hostel:
1. Tum logon ko to hindi pasand hi nahi aata.
Nothing could be farther than the truth. I personally love Lucky Ali. Last i heard he was still a hindi singer. Love euphoria, Shankar Ehsaan Loy, absolutely adore A.R. Rehman. Loved the music of DCH, Dil Se et al.
2. Chal Dhoom ka gaana sunte hain...
me: nahiiiii....
response: arrey english waala yaar.
Jeez!! Dhoom dhoom come light my fire Dhoom Dhoom let me take you higher.... What a load of crap. This is lyrics? You even call this a song?? Just because its english doesn't make it good. I realise that difference. Its a part of the reason why I hate Backstreet Boys, Vengaboyz, Boyzone, lots of other such boys. When the first line goes "U r my fire, my one desire" and the next line goes "am i ur fire, ur one desire", its not music, its crap.
3. Hum log kabhi tumhare english songs ka mazaak udate hain jo tum log hindi gaanon ka itna mazaak uda rahe ho ???
Udao na bhai...bilkul udao. you'll be surprised at how open to criticism we are. And how we are not narrow minded lunatics. We like to have our fun, and we love watching you fumble with your feeble attempts to defend absolutely sick music. Hell we even write about you in our blogs !! Why don't you tell us the reason you can't tolerate Floyd?? That sure is going to be interesting.
4. Me: yeh kya ghatiya gaana laga rakha hai??
response: Yeh accha gaana hai...
me: kyun isme accha kya laga??
Response: Pura hostel sun raha hai...accha nahi hai???
How lame can you get???

Shit!! And i always thought music has no boundaries. I always felt that its an extremely personal choice and you must listen to whatever suits your choice. The age old concept of Live and Let Live. But i also want to make my opinion clear, and want everyone to do the same too. My question to the above mentioned people is this...if you really like the music that i consider worthless..why the insecurity?? why the need for it to be accepted by everyone?? why rate a song on the basis of what others think about it?? The next time i tell you the song you are listening to is mind numbingly sick, come up with a repartee and not another one of those "tujhe to kabhi hindi pasand nahi aega".

Listening to aashiq banaya aapne, ek baar aja aja aja aja, tera tera tera surooor makes me wish i didnt understand my mothertongue. When i see you dancing to the tunes of Tujhe Meri Kasam, I feel nothing but pity. When i see these albums selling like hot cakes, it does not make me think that maybe its good stuff, but it does make me question my indianness.
Just want to add at this point that these views are solely my own. So sue me !!

I love music. It defines my soul. My life is incomplete without it. Its my personality. It doesnt make me cool or hip or any other words you'll find in the Big Book of American Slang. Cool,Un-cool, your side, my side...man that's all bull-s***. Its hard enough to be yourself.
I want my music to be what I am.
And what am i?? I'm just me. Nothing more, nothing less.


Your job's a joke, You're broke, Your love life's D.O.A.

Dates Out !!! 2nd May is d-day. We become engineers. Finally leave the world of student-life and reach the threshhold of the corporate world. Finally leave the clutches of being an adolescent and embrace adulthood. Finally stop being dependent and try to make it on our own. So does it make me nervous?? yes. A little scared?? hmmm yeah a little. Am i going to do something about it?? well yes. Does that include writing about it in my blog?? HELL NO !!!

Just the other day when i was going through my own entries, i just realised i have been brooding over small issues for quite some time now. I mean Millions pass out every year from their respective colleges. It definitely does not call for a standing ovation. Why make a big deal out of something which is, in perspective, only marginally significant? I figured okay jainzy, get over it!! You are passing college...big deal !! For once why don't you try writing about something which doesn't come close to preaching?? Why does every post have to speak about what u've learnt, about what life's all about et al?? Just chill man, thats not what you want to do, and definitely not what people want to read. So would you just be the everyday you and write a perfectly decent entry which does not tell people that you are infact God's supreme creation ??

So i went about revamping my blog. Included links to blogs that i read, subscribed to google adsense, solely for the cool factor. Imagine getting even a single naya paisa coz of my blog, that would be the day, hunh ?!?!? Changed the template from something that looked like pages from an old englishman's diary to something which to me looks like a beautiful sky. Changed the name, played around with the html code , put up my photo, an xml link, a google search box...and yeah a counter too. The only thing is that its not unique for an ip, so it also includes the number of times I've viewed it. In all, i wasted a lot of time which could have been utilised in doing nothing.

We live a crazy life in the hostel. U rememeber a guy had come to borrow a punching machine at 2 am??? well yesterday was definitely the king of them all. A guy actually came to borrow the monitor of our room's desktop. And all the while i'm untangling the wires to hand it to him....feeling that it actually doesn't feel weird. I am a nocturnal being, a creature of the night. Mild mannered human being, very very harmless. And things like these make me question the very existence of IQ in this world.
Going to college has ceased permanently. We all have nothing better to do than poke fun at each other's jobs, gf's, crushes, wives-to-be...and so on. Not a day goes by when we don't have a session in our customary B-11, talking about atul and his 'diverse' problems...padia's matrimonial musings... a little 6'5" bashing...and always, its me and rohit who never fail to give the others a piece of our mind, with my introduction of the topic and rohit's finalising verdict, which is, more often than not, dirty. There's always a lot of wrestling involved too, which has become a highly dangerous affair, because of the advent of the digicam. Although the wrestling is physically harmless, it has been known to give the camera plenty of compromising positions to capture.
This is one of my favourite snaps.. taken under total chaotic circumstances. This is yours truly on the shoulder of Alooo.


Happy days.

Only in the hostel
1. everyone thinks your job is nothing to boast about.
2. you are always short of cash.
3. love life is a big problem, and just has to be discussed everyday.

Took me sometime to realise that this is because the hostel is your home, and your are your family. And i just know that " They'll be there for meeee...when the rain starts to fall........!!!"


I just wanna feel, real love

Life goes on, as it never ends. Time flies by, and all of a sudden you realise, dude!!! you're giving you're mid sems now. So half of your final sem is over. Like bhai always puts it , just an 'r' away from becoming an enginee* !!! By the by, our final sem dates are out, and we start with our exams on the 24th of april, sure to finish by the first week of may. A month and a half to go.WOW!!!
Last week was oscar fever.
Good Night and Good Luck: Great movie...performances were okay...real footage of Joe McCarthy is the reason u shud see this movie. U'll see media with a new respect.
Munich: Steven Spielberg does it again. An on the edge movie based on one of the most shameful acts of barbarism in olympics and sporting history. Eric Bana plays a wonderful role, watch out for the scene when he talks to his baby girl.
Crash: Wow...just wow!!! Anything I write about this movie, would be a spoiler. A must see. Academy people know what they are doing.

Today, for the first time, i was complimented for my blog. It was a tremendous feeling.
And i realised how a compliment can make your day. Everything just went right from there.This was soon followed by appreciation handed out by none other than bhai himself... now isn't that something?? Also...keeping up with current affairs...the company i'm gonna work for came to college today and picked some 123 students from the 2007 batch. Wow...does it have an office comprising entirely of benches?? ;)

Well here is a something special that i have wanted to write for a very long time. I dedicate this blog entry to one of my best friends here and pseudo roommate. He is the inspiration for this blog...and for much more.
We make extensive plans for our lives. He says he's gonna retire early, sit in a Lazy-boy E-cliner 3000 presented by me as a marriage gift and write a book. Well i hope for a lot of that to come true. 1. I hope he gets married to the one he's dedicated his blog to. 2. I hope i can one day earn enough to hand out lazyboy chairs (joey and chandler chairs...for the uninitiated) as wedding gifts. 3. Above all else, i hope he writes that book. This just to let him know that he'll find me at the top of the list of takers.
He definitely touches a nerve by his "keep talking" post. I personally feel its raw,unadultrated truth and holds a special meaning for me beacuse i treasure conversations. I love talking, listening, observing, commenting, rambling, ranting, in essence doing exactly what defines a homo sapien, the ability to communicate.

Just to add to the list of human instincts,i have one which i'm sure is shared by millions. By everybody around me and everybody around you.

One of my most natural instincts is to love and the need to be loved.

Love of somebody who makes you want to feel better. That somebody who defines you, who understands you. You get the urge to redefine the world when you are with her. Someone who governs your thought processes, and your decisions. Someone around who, at least in your dreams, your future revolves. Its incredible to have that someone in my life. To have something so beautiful, who reciprocates in a way that makes you love yourself. It requires patience and understanding to make a relationship work, and i'm lucky to have found someone who has both. And i get the strongest need to be loved by her. To get appreciation, adoration and applause from her. Because when i do, I feel like a super-hero. And even today...the sound of her voice makes me feel like a 15 year old boy, holding a grey coloured telephone, nervously dialling a number, hoping its her who picks up. To see the look on her face when i give her a gift. Even today, when i meet her, I feel like a 17 year old boy, climbing the steps to the third floor, knocking, fully knowing that i'm late and having an excuse ready at hand.Even today when i listen to the song "the best of me" , i am immediately transported to an evening in my living room, with this song playing, and with her sittin across the table, us having just returned from our day out on the road making paper boats and racing them. Getting ready to meet her is still accompanied by total restlessness, an absolute lack of appetite,frantic attempts to make my hair look a little stylish. I dont know where our lives are taking us, but right now, I am happy to dream, happy to be in love.

Love of family....love of a mom who gives you your identity. Of a mom who knows you inside out. Who will always find out where you've been. Who will always know what's troubling you. Who will confront you by trying to talk about exactly what's bothering you followed by your frantic efforts to deny it. Who will always take your side, even though she may regret it later. Who will sacrifice her life, so you can have one. This woman is the one who loves you more than you love yourself. I take my mom's love for granted. I have a right to, i feel at times. Love of a dad, who sees himself in you. Who gets angry when you do things which are even slightly illogical. Someone who knows more than you, believe me. Who will love you so unconditionally that at one point of time, U'll be to him what he always wanted to be.Love of a brother, who'll think you're his responsibility. I idolize him to the point of hero-worship. When someone says i look like him, it fills me with an odd sense of pleasure. he is someone who always teaches you to be a thinker, to have a sound mind, to learn to do the right thing, and all this without an explicit instruction. who makes you feel proud of yourself when he says I'm matured beyond my years. I know he doesn't like rap, but i just wanna say i wanna be just like him, cuss like him, dress like him, walk talk and act like him, i just might be the next best thing, but not quite him.Love of a sister, who makes you want to be a kid all your life. Who values your opinion. Who cries her eyes out when you burn yourself in an accident. Someone who always wants to take you under her wings. She wants you to fly AND she might let you sing. A family's which is gonna keep baby, cozy and warm.

I'll keep the love of friends for subsequent posts.

What i want to let people know is that i feel love is the most beautiful, fulfilling sensation known to man. Its amazing to realise that the hunger for love can be satiated, but its magnitude can never be determined. I can accomodate millions in this puny heart and soul of mine, and i want to make love the sole reason of my existence. It defines who i am. I am a guy who loves appreciation, who would like nothing better than people registering surprise at my failures, nothing would inflate the bubble more than being loved, respected and recognised as an individual. These make me human. These needs and urges make me the pinnacle of evolution.
I believe in passion.
Finally, i believe in the adage "if you love someone, show it !!" I like nothing better than a hug. I am a firm believer in Physical manifestation of love. Nothing motivates like love can. I have all the love in the world to give. And my daily prayer to God would be only to give me too much love, running through my veins.....


And I say to myself, what a wonderful world....

Well what a week....went to college everyday...we now have a 5 day long break for holi.
No grand plans this time. Plz understand what grand plans are.
My cousin bro...saumya...just suggested that my blog shud have sumthing like a countdown to passing out...well it was touchy to see him pass on his own passing out plans to me...lets c what we can do.
Okay as of now we dont know our exact pass-out dates...so lemme kick off the countdown to dday as
2 months to go:
Tell u the truth...i cant wait to leave. To cross the border of studenthood and join the corporate world. As of now, totally concentrating on cramming as many movies as i can in the time that we have left. Our lan never showed so much activity before...with people sharing movies like maniacs.3 good movies in the last 24 hrs.
iqbal: very very nagesh kukunoor. Still amazed by the cast choices.Amazing stuff.
1947 earth: after having hummed "rut aa gayi re" for ages...finally saw the movie...another side of aamir khan...mind blowing.
Bhopal express: ohhhh gawd....kay kay, naseeruddin shah....geniuses.sheer brilliance.

Also am gonna start collecting truckloads of data...with soon go on a dvd burning spree.
Finally hit us today...that within a month...we will be thru with our grand viva, our project submission, our sessionals....and surely...one by one...our 8th sem papers.
I look around and see the sheer plethora of people...young minds thinking @ 10 thoughts per nanosecond. I look at our hangouts, the canteen steps, the juice shop, Mohanty Babu, Udupi, Madhuban, KIIT, hostel, terrace, mess............And i say to myself...........


Caught red handed showing feelings of an almost human nature

Had a couple of nice conversations today. The last line was " U know its been such a long time since we sat and had a talk like this...". And all i could mutter was "yeah, long time".
today there was an incident which was, to say the least, breathtaking. While the show was on today,we guys were in the basketball court and there was a power cut. It went pitch black. All one could see was the starts and silhouettes of people. I quote "sometimes there is so much beauty in this world, i feel i can't take it." It was so beautiful out there. I guess i really am the romantic types.
Today, if i had enuff balance, i would have called every number on my contact list.
There is so much going on around me. I can see all those around me turning into adults. I had always thought financial independence is a wonderful thing but i realise it comes at a price. I can see people losing sleep over their future. I'm among them. Everybody wants to be successful. Wants to be happy doing what they are doing. I can see them scared, not knowing what life has in store for them. me? i'm scared out of my wits.I realise now that we are probably undergoing the shawshank redemption syndrome. We are probably institutionalised. In the college we are a part of a gang. I guess we are all scared of being on our own....in a dog eat dog world. What i'm sure about is that sooner or later...its gonna hit everyone here. Some are in a state of denial. Others....like me, are fighting an unseen war. I guess we'll be fine. I'm the optimist here. I have a vision of the future, when we are working in the same city, but different companies, and we meet up after work and discuss our jobs....what a delighful conversation that's gonna be. I guess its gonna happen someday.
There are people who talk of being self-made....who have made it on their own with sheer grit and determination.me? i'm believe in God. And i love what He has to say to such people..." So u say ur self made??? Hey, I distinctly remember creating you !!!"
I guess I'm just too confused, too tired to think straight.


The lunatic is in my head

28th February.6:15 am.Up all night.But am going to college.Its my first day of the 8th semester....yup thats right...final sem.8th sem classes started on the 25th of january.I hope u'll appreciate that i've written MY first day.
Its our final stint in an engineering college.Then i'll be free...There's a lot i've learnt in this 4 years.
1. It takes just 1 night out to screw up ur biological clock.
2. The only free time on a shared computer comes at 4 am.When all the others are asleep.
3. If there are 120 people in the hostel...then there are 120 type of people in the hostel.
4. Always be prepared.U never know what ur neighbour may ask for at 2 am.In my case it was a punching machine.Dunno if he really wanted one or he was just looking for something meaningless to do.
5. If u want a cup of tea at 5 am, then however well ur dressed up...people will still think ur a chowkidaar.
6. Target audience for movies like 'saw' are us...we've got nothing better to do than ruin our life by watching some guy's warped imagination.
7. Clothes lying on the floor are in perfectly good condition to be worn at least 2 more times.
8. Drinking Water in the room is scarce, bottles ever scarcer.
9. U lose the formal attire in 2nd sem, pencilbox in the 3rd, friends' respect in the 4th, all ur money in the 5th, every ounce of self esteem in the 6th, control over ur life in the 7th and become too uninspired to exhale after inhaling after the 8th sem.
10. U realise that all ur friends are lunatics....and so are u.U realise that these days will not come back ever again.U realise that this family away from home has also become ur family for life.U realise that after college, u wont be able to see them go to bed, wont be able to hear them snore their lungs out. So u proceed and take a mental picture...u preserve it forever.
The lunatics are in your head.


Here I am, This is me !!!

Came back from Calcutta today. Had decided there to start a blog. Had an interview which didnt go well. So that got me thinking about a lot of things.
Its funny how something which doesnt go right leads to a lot of self introspection. If you had done the SI bit earlier, things would have gone right.
By the way, Hi...i'm an engg. student in an obscure corner of India. Our college is famous for it's non happenings and we are proud to be lazy...but we are smart people see??? We dont call ourselves lazy...We are actually comfortably numb. We have a firm belief in not going to classes and we utilize the time and the infinite opportunities time provides by doing the best possible thing with it...squandering it.
I love hearing people out and giving them absolutely insane advice at the end. If the guy is smart..he'll probably fume and turn an amazing shade of purple.If he's a dud...he'll do what u say...and...well thats showbiz!!
This blog will be mostly about crazy ramblings from my cryogenic mind.So its best avoided. Guys with awesome english would know what cryogenic means...so they'll think the blog is super cool....well its not.
Guys with medium english would search around for the definition...Plz dont bother.Nothing good will ever come out of reading the dictionary.And the online dictionary comes with an added headache and back pain.
Guys with not so good english...i'm amazed u've made it this far.
Well this post started with a mention of calcutta. I did bring with me a bunch of some really tasty grapes.and kept them right beside the desktop. But i realise everytime i type a few words the grapes lessen...constant attacks from roomies. And thus my blog was named!!!
Keep the faith people.

EDIT: The naming part refers to the time my blog was named "who's eating jainzy's grapes". Well the current title is not meant to invoke any copyright laws, Mr. Robert M. Pirsig.