Wind of Change - Concluding Part

On Bhai
I am the youngest in the family nest. I have had the advantage of learning from not just Mom Dad, but Bhaiya and Didi too. Contribution of a parent is something beyond me, something beyond words, something so dignified that it can't be posted in a mere blog.
Didi, you have always been my strength. The one who makes me feel that I'm worth something. You instill confidence in me,your undying trust in me makes me want to perform better.
And Bhai, well, I really don't know what to say. If I have anything to my name today, its because of you. I used to feel elated when people said that my style of talking is just like yours. I am not so surprised anymore. You were the one who taught me how to talk.

Wind of Change - Part Two

On People
Ever held back because you were afraid of how the other person might feel about you if you gave him a piece of your mind? I have come to realise that whether you say it or not, it won't make a difference. So just say it and get it out of your system. Nothing can change the fact that they would remain ignorant, and indignantly so!
Dubes once told me...in an unbelievable moment of truth...to keep in mind a set of people who matter to you, and for those who are not in that circle...adios amigos. That one statement changed me as a person. All those who are not in that circle of mine...you have a lot of growing up to do. I wish you all the best in life. I hope you get some sense soon. Here's a four letter word for you. Ciao.

Wind of Change - Part One

Things have taken a turn for the better for our family. I am proud to have contributed to this 'Jain Shining' (reference to India Shining, not Jack Nicholson's The Shining you creeps).
I first became a Mamaji(15th December 2007, our little crying bundle of joy), then a Devar (can't wait for the title to be bestowed on me officially, July 11th is d-day), now I'm all set to become an MBA. This last bit of news is what we would be focusing on today, so if you have had a good dose of jainzy's gloating in the past few days, I suggest you turn to your facebooking and orkutting right about...now.

Can an exam change your life? Does an educational institute have the power of changing you?
I would answer "yes". Well my preps for an MBA had started about 3 years ago, when I wanted an MBA degree to earn more money. To go for it because I knew I had to, without rhyme or reason. 2 failures it took. And then there was light. There was a reason. I understood my place in the industry. I was warming up to the idea that I am a part of a workforce which is putting India on the map. In my own insignificant way, I am a part of the Indian industry. That my 2 years in the IT field have not been futile. I could sense logic. I didn't want to go in for Marketing any more. I used to think it would be a really cool thing to do. That probably would have been my most coherent reply to the question 'Why MBA' a year ago. As lame as they come. And then, introspection led me to my career path. Everything made sense. Everything showed logic. IT Systems as a specialization dawned clear as an area where I would love to dedicate my work life to. It appealed to me. Simple.

Its easy to be deaf-mute, to continue with one's job in a humdrum fashion, continue cribbing about not enough pay, too much work. But as my team's coffee time conversations shifted from Mohun-Bagan East-Bengal and Sourav Da blah blah and Singur-Nandigram to Cognizant's USP and its profit margin and its attrition rate and its core competencies, my project's revenue, its profit margin, Cognizant's most favoured clientèle etc, I noticed that in these conversations, it was the managers who spoke, while I asked, and my colleagues yawned. I would get back to my cubicle with a sense of purpose, aware of my role, aware of how I was in the right industry, but a role which I had outgrown. All the while I pitied myself for not knowing the company I worked for all these years. So did an MBA offer change me? Pursuing it certainly did.

Apart from that, I am quite frank when I say that a call from NITIE was like a third-party certification. You won't believe how incredibly down I was after the interview; it had lasted a paltry 5 minutes. After all the preparation, when I had truly felt that I am ready, it seemed I just wasn't given a chance. But the powers that be, decided in my favour, and I felt redeemed. So here I am, a step closer to my dream. Yes, the convert did instill in me a faith in myself, which I admit had visibly faded. All in all, right now, I don't feel happy, relieved, content, satisfied. I just feel incredibly excited. Turbo-charged. Can't wait for student life to begin again.