Wanna jump up in my Lamborghini Gallardo..

The thrill of screeching rubber tyres on the hot tarmac. The supersonic whining of engines being pushed to the limit. Bootylicious babes holding out umbrellas to save the driver from the harsh rays of the Sun. I'm talking of course, about F1.
I seriously doubt if anyone is aware of the actual thrill.
Watching it on television with moving cameras and wide angles cannot actually tell you how fast the car is moving. The average pappu who 'rashly drives' by your ride in his super awesome Hero Honda CD-100 SS bike is an 'old lady' for these F1 drivers, because they actually move at speeds upto 4 times as that of that wayward teenager.
Watching it live is great fun as you get to see the cars and hear the actual sound (you are provided with earmuffs btw), but again a regular overtaking manoeuvre takes 5-6 seconds t o pull off, and in that time, the cars have moved to a point where you can't see them anymore.

So according to me the only guys who enjoy it is the drivers themselves. They are the one handpicked to drive these machines while I'm handpicked by the autowallahs to take from SDF-building to Khalpol Petrol Pump for 5 bucks. They are the ones going at 250 km/hour while I go at -3 km/year in the town bus. Its a race for the drivers, from the drivers and by Bernie Ecclestone.

So why do I still watch it?? Because of all the stories connected to it. The races, the circuits, the drivers, their history, the constructors and the champagne.

Otherwise its not too great. So what if this young Hamilton kid is the best new guy on wheels? So what if Schumacher was at one time the highest paid sportsperson?? In the words of the great and noble R. Majumdar, "Rahenge to saale driver hi na.."