They've got the cool shoeshine

Ok before i begin, just wanna say that i have never considered myself to be a poet, but a lyricist.
Also, people reading this...the following lyrics are to be sung to the tune of 19-2000, a song by Gorillaz. If u haven't heard it, then this post won't make much meaning.
Here goes:

there's a jainzy in the jungle
rusting to the ground
look for me in the shower
and i'm nowhere to be found (oh yeah)
and All the following people
you're the ones i'll never lose
if you ever want a shoulder
its just jaani u can choose
(Oh yeah)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)

there's a padia in the jungle
an alien from afar,
u'll find him with a sutta
and legs stretched at a bar (oh yeah)
and if u want him with u
gotta get a can of booze
ET, Indianrailway
its just pado u can choose
(Oh yeah)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)

there's a sidisis in the jungle
sitting in his f1 car
ferrari is his passion
he's a schumacher avatar (oh yeah)
he does not have hangovers
nor monday morning blues
and if u wanna whistle
its just sidisis u can choose
(Oh yeah)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)

there's an amrita in the jungle
shez hanging from a branch
one day she'll be a cowgirl
with a pony and a ranch (oh yeah)
and if u wanna have fun
or discuss life's issues
if u wanna go to puri
its just moti u can choose
(Oh yeah)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)

there's an aloo in the jungle
listening to a nursery rhyme
drop sachin from team india
and boy is that a heinous crime (oh yeah)
and if u wanna love somebody
then step into my shoes
love him as i love him
its just aloo u can choose
(Oh yeah)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)

there's a gitsy in the jungle
she did not think this through
we all are of one notion
shez too good to be true (oh yeah)
every mall she shops around in
every paper that she screws
if its fashion tips that u need
its just gitsy u can choose
(Oh yeah)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)

there's a rohit in the jungle
with his brain in hyperdrive
take away his cellphone
and he wont make it alive (oh yeah)
got a t-shirt in his closet
with no respect for whose
and if u ever want a soulmate
its just rohit u can choose
(Oh yeah)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)
Get the groove on (It's the music that we choose)

here i go
Got the cool (la, la, la, la, la, la)
They've Got the cool shoeshine (la, la, la, la, la)
Got the cool (la, la, la, la, la, la)
They've Got the cool shoeshine (la, la, la, la, la)...........


Live and Let Die !!!

My dear friend Atul (swamy)...this goes out to you.

Just heard a few very good songs...I'm sure you must have heard them too. This new guy on the block, Himesh Reshammia, is he great or what. Nice catchy tunes, very very danceable. No wonder all of India is enjoying it. Its such a nice change from the boring drab songs we generally associate the Hindi film industry with. And if you want proof, just tune in to any radio station, any music channel, any cell phone ringing...and you'll know why he's such a great musician.
All those who agree with me on this, please never read my blog again. And don't talk to me either.
Those who're going HA HA HA... (Even mildly smiling for that matter)....you're the reason I write.
Those who were going Maan what the hell is this guy writing...I LOVE YOU.
And those who're now thinking what the hell...who does this guy think he is?? Who appointed him the country critic?? I've got just 2 words for you...KISS MY A**!!!

In real life i am a very brash person...very out there. I do speak my mind out regarding things I dislike and it surely involves a lot of middle finger showing. Lots of arguing with people. I also am very vocal about people…but not to their faces yet. But my online avatar has tried to keep it mellow. Therefore I hope that this particular post will not be read by many, especially not those about whom this is written, cuz today I’m about to break all chains and come through clean.

I consider myself to be really lucky to be born in a family with music in my genes. Ask dad sometime to give his rendition of “Yeh raat yeh chaandni phir kaahaaan....Sun ja dil ki Daastaaan". I grew up in an environment of some very good music thanks to bhai and didi. Just think that it was the early nineties. And the rages were wham! and Michael jackson. We had that huge poster of George Michael (didi's), Madonna Who's That Girl poster, Charlie Chaplin in The Kid, Michael jackson's Bad and Clint Eastwood from Good Bad and Ugly (all bhai's). Some of my favourite tunes were Father Figure, Papa Don't Preach. One of the most haunting tunes of this phase of my life was "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman. I just loved the tone, the music, the feel of this song. There were some catchy numbers in the bollywood genre...with HUM topping the list for me. Jumma Chumma dede somehow made it as a thumping good song without being cheap. It was really decently packaged…and I certainly had the hots for Kimi Katkar in the Red Dress. Or that may just be my interpretation.

Cut to hostel. There is a great divide here which I hope will never be bridged. You may be familiar with this, but it’s the age old problem of English Vs Hindi. Given below are a few things which will make the situation a little clear.
Things that i have heard in this hostel:
1. Tum logon ko to hindi pasand hi nahi aata.
Nothing could be farther than the truth. I personally love Lucky Ali. Last i heard he was still a hindi singer. Love euphoria, Shankar Ehsaan Loy, absolutely adore A.R. Rehman. Loved the music of DCH, Dil Se et al.
2. Chal Dhoom ka gaana sunte hain...
me: nahiiiii....
response: arrey english waala yaar.
Jeez!! Dhoom dhoom come light my fire Dhoom Dhoom let me take you higher.... What a load of crap. This is lyrics? You even call this a song?? Just because its english doesn't make it good. I realise that difference. Its a part of the reason why I hate Backstreet Boys, Vengaboyz, Boyzone, lots of other such boys. When the first line goes "U r my fire, my one desire" and the next line goes "am i ur fire, ur one desire", its not music, its crap.
3. Hum log kabhi tumhare english songs ka mazaak udate hain jo tum log hindi gaanon ka itna mazaak uda rahe ho ???
Udao na bhai...bilkul udao. you'll be surprised at how open to criticism we are. And how we are not narrow minded lunatics. We like to have our fun, and we love watching you fumble with your feeble attempts to defend absolutely sick music. Hell we even write about you in our blogs !! Why don't you tell us the reason you can't tolerate Floyd?? That sure is going to be interesting.
4. Me: yeh kya ghatiya gaana laga rakha hai??
response: Yeh accha gaana hai...
me: kyun isme accha kya laga??
Response: Pura hostel sun raha hai...accha nahi hai???
How lame can you get???

Shit!! And i always thought music has no boundaries. I always felt that its an extremely personal choice and you must listen to whatever suits your choice. The age old concept of Live and Let Live. But i also want to make my opinion clear, and want everyone to do the same too. My question to the above mentioned people is this...if you really like the music that i consider worthless..why the insecurity?? why the need for it to be accepted by everyone?? why rate a song on the basis of what others think about it?? The next time i tell you the song you are listening to is mind numbingly sick, come up with a repartee and not another one of those "tujhe to kabhi hindi pasand nahi aega".

Listening to aashiq banaya aapne, ek baar aja aja aja aja, tera tera tera surooor makes me wish i didnt understand my mothertongue. When i see you dancing to the tunes of Tujhe Meri Kasam, I feel nothing but pity. When i see these albums selling like hot cakes, it does not make me think that maybe its good stuff, but it does make me question my indianness.
Just want to add at this point that these views are solely my own. So sue me !!

I love music. It defines my soul. My life is incomplete without it. Its my personality. It doesnt make me cool or hip or any other words you'll find in the Big Book of American Slang. Cool,Un-cool, your side, my side...man that's all bull-s***. Its hard enough to be yourself.
I want my music to be what I am.
And what am i?? I'm just me. Nothing more, nothing less.


Your job's a joke, You're broke, Your love life's D.O.A.

Dates Out !!! 2nd May is d-day. We become engineers. Finally leave the world of student-life and reach the threshhold of the corporate world. Finally leave the clutches of being an adolescent and embrace adulthood. Finally stop being dependent and try to make it on our own. So does it make me nervous?? yes. A little scared?? hmmm yeah a little. Am i going to do something about it?? well yes. Does that include writing about it in my blog?? HELL NO !!!

Just the other day when i was going through my own entries, i just realised i have been brooding over small issues for quite some time now. I mean Millions pass out every year from their respective colleges. It definitely does not call for a standing ovation. Why make a big deal out of something which is, in perspective, only marginally significant? I figured okay jainzy, get over it!! You are passing college...big deal !! For once why don't you try writing about something which doesn't come close to preaching?? Why does every post have to speak about what u've learnt, about what life's all about et al?? Just chill man, thats not what you want to do, and definitely not what people want to read. So would you just be the everyday you and write a perfectly decent entry which does not tell people that you are infact God's supreme creation ??

So i went about revamping my blog. Included links to blogs that i read, subscribed to google adsense, solely for the cool factor. Imagine getting even a single naya paisa coz of my blog, that would be the day, hunh ?!?!? Changed the template from something that looked like pages from an old englishman's diary to something which to me looks like a beautiful sky. Changed the name, played around with the html code , put up my photo, an xml link, a google search box...and yeah a counter too. The only thing is that its not unique for an ip, so it also includes the number of times I've viewed it. In all, i wasted a lot of time which could have been utilised in doing nothing.

We live a crazy life in the hostel. U rememeber a guy had come to borrow a punching machine at 2 am??? well yesterday was definitely the king of them all. A guy actually came to borrow the monitor of our room's desktop. And all the while i'm untangling the wires to hand it to him....feeling that it actually doesn't feel weird. I am a nocturnal being, a creature of the night. Mild mannered human being, very very harmless. And things like these make me question the very existence of IQ in this world.
Going to college has ceased permanently. We all have nothing better to do than poke fun at each other's jobs, gf's, crushes, wives-to-be...and so on. Not a day goes by when we don't have a session in our customary B-11, talking about atul and his 'diverse' problems...padia's matrimonial musings... a little 6'5" bashing...and always, its me and rohit who never fail to give the others a piece of our mind, with my introduction of the topic and rohit's finalising verdict, which is, more often than not, dirty. There's always a lot of wrestling involved too, which has become a highly dangerous affair, because of the advent of the digicam. Although the wrestling is physically harmless, it has been known to give the camera plenty of compromising positions to capture.
This is one of my favourite snaps.. taken under total chaotic circumstances. This is yours truly on the shoulder of Alooo.


Happy days.

Only in the hostel
1. everyone thinks your job is nothing to boast about.
2. you are always short of cash.
3. love life is a big problem, and just has to be discussed everyday.

Took me sometime to realise that this is because the hostel is your home, and your are your family. And i just know that " They'll be there for meeee...when the rain starts to fall........!!!"