Your job's a joke, You're broke, Your love life's D.O.A.

Dates Out !!! 2nd May is d-day. We become engineers. Finally leave the world of student-life and reach the threshhold of the corporate world. Finally leave the clutches of being an adolescent and embrace adulthood. Finally stop being dependent and try to make it on our own. So does it make me nervous?? yes. A little scared?? hmmm yeah a little. Am i going to do something about it?? well yes. Does that include writing about it in my blog?? HELL NO !!!

Just the other day when i was going through my own entries, i just realised i have been brooding over small issues for quite some time now. I mean Millions pass out every year from their respective colleges. It definitely does not call for a standing ovation. Why make a big deal out of something which is, in perspective, only marginally significant? I figured okay jainzy, get over it!! You are passing college...big deal !! For once why don't you try writing about something which doesn't come close to preaching?? Why does every post have to speak about what u've learnt, about what life's all about et al?? Just chill man, thats not what you want to do, and definitely not what people want to read. So would you just be the everyday you and write a perfectly decent entry which does not tell people that you are infact God's supreme creation ??

So i went about revamping my blog. Included links to blogs that i read, subscribed to google adsense, solely for the cool factor. Imagine getting even a single naya paisa coz of my blog, that would be the day, hunh ?!?!? Changed the template from something that looked like pages from an old englishman's diary to something which to me looks like a beautiful sky. Changed the name, played around with the html code , put up my photo, an xml link, a google search box...and yeah a counter too. The only thing is that its not unique for an ip, so it also includes the number of times I've viewed it. In all, i wasted a lot of time which could have been utilised in doing nothing.

We live a crazy life in the hostel. U rememeber a guy had come to borrow a punching machine at 2 am??? well yesterday was definitely the king of them all. A guy actually came to borrow the monitor of our room's desktop. And all the while i'm untangling the wires to hand it to him....feeling that it actually doesn't feel weird. I am a nocturnal being, a creature of the night. Mild mannered human being, very very harmless. And things like these make me question the very existence of IQ in this world.
Going to college has ceased permanently. We all have nothing better to do than poke fun at each other's jobs, gf's, crushes, wives-to-be...and so on. Not a day goes by when we don't have a session in our customary B-11, talking about atul and his 'diverse' problems...padia's matrimonial musings... a little 6'5" bashing...and always, its me and rohit who never fail to give the others a piece of our mind, with my introduction of the topic and rohit's finalising verdict, which is, more often than not, dirty. There's always a lot of wrestling involved too, which has become a highly dangerous affair, because of the advent of the digicam. Although the wrestling is physically harmless, it has been known to give the camera plenty of compromising positions to capture.
This is one of my favourite snaps.. taken under total chaotic circumstances. This is yours truly on the shoulder of Alooo.


Happy days.

Only in the hostel
1. everyone thinks your job is nothing to boast about.
2. you are always short of cash.
3. love life is a big problem, and just has to be discussed everyday.

Took me sometime to realise that this is because the hostel is your home, and your are your family. And i just know that " They'll be there for meeee...when the rain starts to fall........!!!"


Rohit Majumdar said...

Hey buddy..2nd may in MAY-DAY rather than D-Day. Well we could use some sense of urgency in our comatose lives after we leave this place. But you gotta admit..We'll miss this crazy hostel life a lot!
Talkin about cash, YOU GOT SOME??!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes knowingly and sometimes unkowingly, others influence you and make u think of things that you would have never thought of otherwise .. things that you always thought were beyond insanity and heigths of stupidity .. but for the first time, i read someones blog and to my surprise loved it .. i say surprise not because i doubt u but because i think people just BS in their blogs .. but i must say that ur blog is amazingly well-written and I LOVE IT ..
I dont know if u will figure out who I am but keep guessing ;)

Unknown said...

Ohh god anonymous...please do tell me who u r...i generally like to know who's praising me...he he he. But sincerely, Please do contact me. Needless to say i'm flattered beyond belief reading your comment.

Anonymous said...

its the same anonymous person again .. a lil hint on who I am .. u know me ;) n u know me pretty good ...
ne guesses ... :D

Unknown said...

Ya thats a big hint....now i've got who u r all figured out...can we have some names please the next time??? lolz.

Anonymous said...

fine ... here's a hint ... u have known me for the past 12 years almost ... dont know bout u, but ur one of my best friends ... AND I was one of the first ones to know about ur current gf ;)
ab kuch yaad aaya ???