Here I am, This is me !!!

Came back from Calcutta today. Had decided there to start a blog. Had an interview which didnt go well. So that got me thinking about a lot of things.
Its funny how something which doesnt go right leads to a lot of self introspection. If you had done the SI bit earlier, things would have gone right.
By the way, Hi...i'm an engg. student in an obscure corner of India. Our college is famous for it's non happenings and we are proud to be lazy...but we are smart people see??? We dont call ourselves lazy...We are actually comfortably numb. We have a firm belief in not going to classes and we utilize the time and the infinite opportunities time provides by doing the best possible thing with it...squandering it.
I love hearing people out and giving them absolutely insane advice at the end. If the guy is smart..he'll probably fume and turn an amazing shade of purple.If he's a dud...he'll do what u say...and...well thats showbiz!!
This blog will be mostly about crazy ramblings from my cryogenic mind.So its best avoided. Guys with awesome english would know what cryogenic means...so they'll think the blog is super cool....well its not.
Guys with medium english would search around for the definition...Plz dont bother.Nothing good will ever come out of reading the dictionary.And the online dictionary comes with an added headache and back pain.
Guys with not so good english...i'm amazed u've made it this far.
Well this post started with a mention of calcutta. I did bring with me a bunch of some really tasty grapes.and kept them right beside the desktop. But i realise everytime i type a few words the grapes lessen...constant attacks from roomies. And thus my blog was named!!!
Keep the faith people.

EDIT: The naming part refers to the time my blog was named "who's eating jainzy's grapes". Well the current title is not meant to invoke any copyright laws, Mr. Robert M. Pirsig.

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