The lunatic is in my head

28th February.6:15 am.Up all night.But am going to college.Its my first day of the 8th semester....yup thats right...final sem.8th sem classes started on the 25th of january.I hope u'll appreciate that i've written MY first day.
Its our final stint in an engineering college.Then i'll be free...There's a lot i've learnt in this 4 years.
1. It takes just 1 night out to screw up ur biological clock.
2. The only free time on a shared computer comes at 4 am.When all the others are asleep.
3. If there are 120 people in the hostel...then there are 120 type of people in the hostel.
4. Always be prepared.U never know what ur neighbour may ask for at 2 am.In my case it was a punching machine.Dunno if he really wanted one or he was just looking for something meaningless to do.
5. If u want a cup of tea at 5 am, then however well ur dressed up...people will still think ur a chowkidaar.
6. Target audience for movies like 'saw' are us...we've got nothing better to do than ruin our life by watching some guy's warped imagination.
7. Clothes lying on the floor are in perfectly good condition to be worn at least 2 more times.
8. Drinking Water in the room is scarce, bottles ever scarcer.
9. U lose the formal attire in 2nd sem, pencilbox in the 3rd, friends' respect in the 4th, all ur money in the 5th, every ounce of self esteem in the 6th, control over ur life in the 7th and become too uninspired to exhale after inhaling after the 8th sem.
10. U realise that all ur friends are lunatics....and so are u.U realise that these days will not come back ever again.U realise that this family away from home has also become ur family for life.U realise that after college, u wont be able to see them go to bed, wont be able to hear them snore their lungs out. So u proceed and take a mental picture...u preserve it forever.
The lunatics are in your head.

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