Caught red handed showing feelings of an almost human nature

Had a couple of nice conversations today. The last line was " U know its been such a long time since we sat and had a talk like this...". And all i could mutter was "yeah, long time".
today there was an incident which was, to say the least, breathtaking. While the show was on today,we guys were in the basketball court and there was a power cut. It went pitch black. All one could see was the starts and silhouettes of people. I quote "sometimes there is so much beauty in this world, i feel i can't take it." It was so beautiful out there. I guess i really am the romantic types.
Today, if i had enuff balance, i would have called every number on my contact list.
There is so much going on around me. I can see all those around me turning into adults. I had always thought financial independence is a wonderful thing but i realise it comes at a price. I can see people losing sleep over their future. I'm among them. Everybody wants to be successful. Wants to be happy doing what they are doing. I can see them scared, not knowing what life has in store for them. me? i'm scared out of my wits.I realise now that we are probably undergoing the shawshank redemption syndrome. We are probably institutionalised. In the college we are a part of a gang. I guess we are all scared of being on our own....in a dog eat dog world. What i'm sure about is that sooner or later...its gonna hit everyone here. Some are in a state of denial. Others....like me, are fighting an unseen war. I guess we'll be fine. I'm the optimist here. I have a vision of the future, when we are working in the same city, but different companies, and we meet up after work and discuss our jobs....what a delighful conversation that's gonna be. I guess its gonna happen someday.
There are people who talk of being self-made....who have made it on their own with sheer grit and determination.me? i'm believe in God. And i love what He has to say to such people..." So u say ur self made??? Hey, I distinctly remember creating you !!!"
I guess I'm just too confused, too tired to think straight.

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