But it rained !!!

News has a way of being something uninteresting on television until you see it being created. Today has put a lot of things suddenly into perspective. Those visuals on tv which showed people knee deep in murky waters never really meant so much, till i was one of those souls. Watching a place you frequent turn into a picture of a holocaust is pretty disturbing indeed. Kolkata stands flooded today, the football fields invisible under a blanket of water, the busy roads now just lanes of the muddy river, the population holding their pants, saris, dhotis just clear of the water mark. But Kolkata does not stand broken.
Mumbai stands blasted today. The roofs of stations like virar blown to bits, thousands dead, many more injured, the signs on the local station platforms no longer showing where the bogie for women or the first class bogie will arrive. But Mumbai is far from being stunned. The people still know exactly where their bogie will come.
Be it natural or otherwise, tragedies will never have a life stopping impact on the life of a city, town or village. The spirit of those perished becomes one with that of nature. And what is a city's spirit? The people.
I am proud to be an Indian. Proud to be a speck in this great big population of ours.
We will always bounce back. No terrorist from across the border can ever intimidate us. No force of nature can ever hurt what we value the most, our land, our peoples, our civilization.

Well does life get any better
More yesterday than today
How I thought the sun would shine tomorrow
But it rained . . .


Narimus said...

holocaust, in its usual connotation, was a lot worse than this though ... i guess natural calamity is much more humbling than a artificial one ... precisely because the latter could be avoided easily and yet we don't :)

Kumar Saurabh said...

Couldnt agree more with you!!!