Ticket to Hollywood - 1

With the MBA exams all behind me, I finally got down to business, that of watching 3 movies a day. Most of them are movies that you have seen ages ago. I hadn't, so currently I'm only trying to be up to date. Its not an easy job, I tell you.

1. Citizen Kane: I remember trying to watch it while I was in Hostel. Finally got down to it. Loved it. Every bit of it. There are so many movies made on individuals. The best among them is Schindler's List, but of course it was about much more than just the man. What i noticed about it that there was no drama. Dialogue was as easily delivered as a normal conversation.

2. Apocalypse Now: Shows how a mind degenerates. While the entire movie gets darker and darker, and as the explorers move deeper and deeper into the woods, you can actually feel the rotting of the brain and all the senses, eventually culminating in an extravaganza of madness displayed perfectly by ze Godfather.

3. Saving Private Ryan: Finally saw it. Heh heh. I don't know how Americans can be so good at making war movies. One of the best. Without doubt. You can watch "Band of Brothers" too, a 10 episode series based on the Normandy paratroopers.

4. Letters from Iwo Jima: Clint Eastwood is a genius. The first movie I have seen with the Japanese perspective of the War. Powerful performances, compelling narration and a heart-moving story, looking forward to watching the American perspective in Flags of Our Fathers which was incidentally released on the same day and was incidentally directed by Clint Eastwood.

5. Seven: The mind of a psychopath killer. Compelling stuff. Still can't get over the fact that Spacey shows up. (Ha ha ha...no point watching the movie now fellas :) )

6. Zodiac: The mind of hunter trying to catch the above.

7. Cinderella Man: Ultra boxing movie. Brilliant Russell Crowe. determined to watch Robert DeNiro in the raging bull next.

8. Freedom Writers: Dunno if you have seen dangerous minds, but its clearly the same thing. Only its about a different person, and very very moving. Its made brilliantly and definitely worth at least two watches. Our million dollar baby does a lot a justice to the role, equal to, if not better, Michelle Pfieffer. Gonna read the book too.

9. L.A. Confidential: Wow man. Thats showbiz. Its got everything you could ask for in a movie. Made in India, it would have been a masala flick. But it won't cease to amaze you at any given moment. High tension throughout the movie. Powerful Performances again. Spacey you would expect, Crowe you would expect, Guy Pierce was awesome indeed. Kim Bassinger was hot...and how!!

Bahut maza aaraha hai.
Many more in the pipeline. I'm lovin' it.


Swamy Saran Atul said...

savored all of them.
gud luck catching up..suckaaaaah :-P

Unknown said...

@swamy: Khush ho le saale...you have a head start broadband advantage. Vaise do wait for my new post regarding Richard Linklater. Reviews ke saath. And do watch his movies. Amazing food for thought.