Fight Club

A new year, a new me. We break the time honoured tradition of naming posts after songs, and include movie names as well into this elite category. My brother suggested that after you have seen a movie, go to IMDb and read through the trivia section, and then watch the movie again. I'm sure many of you out there do it. I never have before, just go through the plot synopsis before watching the movie so I know what kind of a ride I'm in for.
But the lord spoketh, and I started with the example he gave me. And my-oh-my, it has inspired me to start blogging again.

Fight Club. Nice movie. I would say excellent movie. But after I have been through IMDb, I say "What kind of a maniacal psycho demented ruddy brilliant movie is this??"

What you see below is just one of the many many hidden gems in the entire story. Few of them, are too grown up for this blog :) So here it goes...

Did you know that Tyler appears in the movie a total of 5 times?? Hold on...I mean 5 times before you actually see him on the airport for the 'first' time. Here is a small list. Took me some practice to get the screenshots. I have pasted two for each occurrence. The first is the frame just before/just after the easter egg frame. Please appreciate, it happens literally for a split second.

1.a. First, at the xerox place.

1.b. and the very next frame shows

2.a. All warmed up?? How about a visit to the doctor Mr. Jack (Edward Norton)??

2.b. Hey...surely 'that' is not a part of your prescription ?!?

3.a. You know this one time...at self help...

3.b. Someone came a-knocking

4.a. I met a man who wasn't there, he wasn't there again today...

4.b. I wish to God, he'd go away...

5. And finally...Where's the waiter??


So you think you've seen the movie? Think again. These images are not copyrighted!! Sue me...again.

Happy New Year everyone.


Jainz said...

Vicky !!!
not the Lord, yaar...just ur regular, run-of-the-mill movie freak from next door...jisko engliss nahin samajh aati, aur usko imdb pe jaake synopsis padhna padta hai, samajhne ke liye, ki yaar bundaa dikhaana kya chahta tha ??!?!
great work, dude...another point to be noted, is Tyler appears only during the insomnia bouts...not otherwise...cool na !!!

Swamy Saran Atul said...

gonna watch it for the 5th time tonight :)

Anonymous said...

gotta love the tender loving dark humor

man this movie is packed!

Germ said...

Fight Club has to be on the list of my innumerable times watchable movies...and given the number of times I have seen the movie (at one go too, quite often), I can't believe I missed that. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

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