Rockstar kam, Popstar zyada

What did you expect from the movie?
The journey of a rockstar? 

This movie will make you sick...to your core 2 duo. Here is what the problem is. Too many movies today are based on flimsy storylines, email forwards and chetan bhagat books. So here comes our writer and director...reads up a few wikipedia pages on the life and times of Kurt Cobain, and to cover up, puts Morrison as the poster boy for a movie which is so full of shit, that the rockstar should have been one of the contestants at KBC this season. It's embarrassing. And please consider this as an apology to the real rockstars who are out there. This movie is an insult to your life and our intelligence.

The entire movie could have been summarised in one of the sob stories on Indian Idol...I kid you not. And would have garnered zero sympathy/empathy votes. For someone who has movies like Apocalypse Now to appreciate mental degeneration, and people like Syd Barett for real life rockstars, this movie is the heights of lame. The guy doesn't show a hint of degeneration...no change in mental faculties...just an idiot blubbering away. How do they show his angst? He shoves a couple of reporters. Shoves!! For the love of God. 

His cries of pain seem to ome from constipation rather than heartbreak.
Are you serious with the Record company stereotype and manager stereotype? Deals over Samosas? Massage laughter and everything? Fucktards.

Music next. Sadda Haq is good. End of story. Mohit Chauhan rocks....in Tum Se Hi from Jab We Met. Fizzles in this movie. Voice sounds forced, and definitely a misfit for Ranbir. A.R.Rahman, tum to aise na they...

For all of you who think Ranbir Kapoor was 'so good' as the rockstar, please back it up with reasons and thereafter, do not talk to me. 
Which brings us to the real rockstar. Nargis Fakhri!! Oh celluloid brilliance... She Arjun Rampal's sister? That punjoo chick from Yamla Pagla Deewana was loads better, cuter, hotter.

Oh Genelia, thou hast competition.


Dubes said...

Fakhri was born in Queens, NY... given that fact, I think she performed much better than anticipated!

Anupam said...

:) I like your write-ups.

I have not seen the movie.

Rahul said...

Absolutely perfect description of a craptacular movie !!! The songs were also too aabruptly starting and ending in between.

Sambit said...

"Kurt" Cobain :)

Unknown said...

@sambit: wow. Guess who hasn't been paying much attention to his Wikipedia lately.
Editing Curt to Kurt.