Goodbye, Blue Sky

This is going to be my last post from the hostel. Tomorrow i step out of the zoo and into the jungle, and leave behind this protected environment.
Goodbye class, goodbye juniors, goodbye udupi, goodbye mohanty, goodbye madhuban, goodbye campus 3, goodbye canteen, goodbye landmark, goodbye atmaram, goodbye auto wallahs, goodbye dhamana, goodbye market building, goodbye hostel, goodbye rr, goodbye "i'm so haffy", goodbye lab, goodbye masters, goodbye lan, goodbye new folder$, goodbye radioaktiv, goodbye S complex, goodbye friends, goodbye sai audio, goodbye mess, goodbye butter biscuit, goodbye aoe, goodbye room, its gonna be very difficult saying goodbye.

The flames are all long gone, but the pain lingers on....


Anonymous said...

heyy why itz goodbye f.r.i.e.n.d.s. dnt worry buddy we r gonna watch those ep again n agian.. a millions i guess.. waitin 4 ur new post

Saumya said...

welcome home son.

Unknown said...

hello mr. anonymous....i'm guessing ur aloo...yeah man we r gonna watch it a million more times...so sing with me,
thats right,
i'll be all night,
and chandler will never get
if ur not aloo, then consider this to be a lesson and kindly leave names the next time...hehehe.

Unknown said...

thanku jor-el.
kal-el is happy to be home.
(hope u guys watch smallville).

Rohit Majumdar said...

As much as i'm missing all the things you wrote about..I'm having a ball at home.
Can't wait to start off with work & everything related.
Keep Blogging mate.

Anonymous said...

Butter Biscuit!!!!!!!!!! hehe!!!

Anonymous said...

yeaahh baby tht anonymous was me..galti ho gayi boss..but am happy tht u guessed it wirte neway